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Meet the Artist: Madeleine Elizabeth Harwell

              Madeleine Harwell (b. 2004, Sarasota, FL) is a Studio Art and Advertising major at Florida State University and is a wholesale needlepoint designer established in the industry for five years. She has also created a body of traditional 2-D work that explores various media. 

               Harwell became one of the youngest needlepoint designers in the industry in 2018 as she debuted at the Spring Market in Orlando. Her work has been featured on the back cover of Needlepoint Now Magazine in 2020, Needlework Retailer, and The Tale of Three Stitchers in the American Needlepoint Guild Magazine. Outside of the needlepoint industry, Harwell has participated in many community projects including a mural project at Sarasota Middle School painting positive quotes that were accepted into the Embracing our Differences exhibit by students from the school. She also has painted commercially at local restaurants including Madfish Grill where she has worked since the summer of 2021. 


How she got started...

Madeleine started needlepointing at the age of nine when she learned from a local shop owner in the store where her mother worked.  Madeleine excelled with her stitching and soon was creating her own 'stitch guides' picking her own threads, and helping ladies at the shop do the same!  Madeleine is a beautiful stitcher and decided to take this skill to the next level through painting needlepoint canvases.

She launched Madeleine Elizabeth (with the help of her parents) and was introduced to the Needlepoint World at the Orlando Spring Needlepoint Show in March of 2019.
Supported and encouraged by family and friends, Madeleine is now the Artist & Designer behind Madeleine Elizabeth!


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