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Artist Statement

Life can get very overwhelming. With an endless list of to-dos and places to be, many people forget to stop and breathe. This is how I breathe. Mixing paint colors is how I inhale. Putting the brush to paper is how I exhale. Breaking images down to their simplest forms of color and shape, I breathe life and movement into my work.


My works always start in an ugly phase. Nothing makes sense, no form is identifiable. They’re simply a flurry of color, shape, and value. Slowly, as the painting progresses, colors are cleaned up and forms are defined. This is how I work through any obstacle that I come across. It starts as an uncontrollable mess then, piece by piece, gets cleaned up until it’s a finished solution. For me, painting is an extension of this practice and I hope to illustrate this process behind every work. 

2-D Work

Mural Work

Sarasota Middle School

Volunteering at Sarasota Middle School from 2018-2022, Harwell painted quotes throughout the school year by students that were submitted and accepted to an organization called Embracing our Differences. This organization works to make awareness about diversity and its importance. 10 quotes were painted total across campus along with a Panther Pride Spray Paint Mural to brighten up the campus. 

Truman's Mural
Madfish Grill Commission

Madfish Grill - Outside Mural Commission 2023

Truman's Bar and Grill - Mural Commission 2020

Your Culinary Place Mural

Your Culinary Place - 3 Storefront Mural/Signage 2018-2021

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