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'Twas the night before Market...

'Twas the night before Market when all through the hotel, people were wandering and preview store shopping. We hung all the canvases on the walls with great care, hoping that shoppers would soon be there!

Honestly, it is the night before Destination Dallas and while Madeleine Elizabeth was introduced at the Orlando market, we hadn't anticipated showing on our own so soon! We are delighted to be here and are looking forward to meeting many of you shop owners -- maybe you got our postcard! We are in room 526. We can't wait to see you and while we don't have a ton of inventory, we have some and will be placing our order so quickly we hope you won't have to wait a long time to get your orders.

If you are a stitcher, please let your shop know about us! Madeleine is always busy creating something new and trying out new things.

We are hoping that you enjoy our new designs and look forward to a whole bunch more to come at The Spring Needlepoint Show in Orlando, FL next year!

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