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From Madeleine's Mum

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Madeleine has grown up with me in the retail industry. BK (before kids), I was a Director of Client Services at a managed care company. I have also worked in the leadership/education industry, sign industry and even the telecommunications industry. I have great transferrable skills and when I decided to leave 'industry', I began working in a yarn shop, then followed by a needlepoint shop (Needlepoint Studio of Sarasota).

Both shop owners were incredibly understanding of my younger children and allowed me to bring them to work. Suffice it to say, Madeleine grew up around and among ladies who were mostly retired. Many have adopted her and have enjoyed seeing her grow up into the young lady she is today. Being around this population has led us to call her the oldest young person we know!

Particulary, Vicke Yohe of Needlepoint Studio of Sarasota, taught Madeleine how to needlepoint at the old age of 8 or 9! Madeleine took to it and has completed many needlepoint ornaments and stand ups. She was hooked. She loves to choose threads, play with color, pick stitches and is even a compensation master! She would come to the shop and help sell canvases, select threads, provide support to the ladies at the shop who need help with stitching and most of all, she smiled with all our customers!

Vickie's daughter is a graduate from Ringling School of Art and Design and also worked at the shop. Madeleine became intrigued when Stephanie began her own canvas company. Madeleine began painting on canvas and Stephanie agreed to represent her in Orlando -- Madeleine Elizabeth was born! We are grateful to Vickie and her daughter for the personal investments they made in Madeleine.

Now, we are getting ready to present Madeleine's second season of canvases at Destination Dallas in September 2019! We are delighted, excited, and maybe a little anxious! But we couldn't be more thrilled. As a mom, I am so proud of her. Lately, my days have been spent working at home on her business and just hoping that my young boss comes home from school and loves what I have done! It is the best feeling to see a smile and hear her say "oh, I like that!"

We hope that we see you smile and say "oh, I like that" too! All of Madeleine's designs are available through your local needlepoint shop. If you don't have one, give us an e-mail and we will get you connected to a needlepoint shop who can provide you with stellar customer service!

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