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50 New Designs!

Wow. I cannot believe that it has been six months Since Dallas! We are busy here, at Madeleine Elizabeth central, getting ready for market. Since this is our second solo show, we are still learning a lot and trying to be as organized as possible and create a show room that is enjoyable for you!

Madeleine started designing for Orlando on the plane home from Dallas . . . I couldn't believe it! She was so excited to have such a wonderful experience and to meet so many of you at the Dallas Market. We are so blessed to have enough room where she has her own studio space -- entirely designed, decorated, painted by her! Perhaps you saw a picture of her in her studio in the Needlework Retailer January/February edition?!

This last six months have been incredibly busy! We have received follow up orders from many of you, we have been organizing trunk shows and we have been stitching LOTS of samples! If you happen to have a piece by Madeleine Elizabeth that you have stitched, please share it with us! We would love to see it on Instagram (MadeleineElizabethArt), Facebook (Madeleine Elizabeth Needlepoint), and on our website! When you share your picture with us, we will credit the stitcher and your shop with a hyperlink!

I am trying to get the website updated with all the shops who carry Madeleine Elizabeth. If you happen to see that your shop is not listed, do let me know! I will be happy to update it! AND, we would love for you to add Madeleine Elizabeth to the list of designers your shop carries!

We are always open for ideas and suggestions and hope you will share them with us! When you are at market, be sure to stop by Room 529 and sign our guest book! We will have plenty of designs from which to choose and are ready with inventory so you don't have to wait for an order!

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