As a new designer, we are trying our best to make the most of all the opportunities out there!  We have been so fortunate, blessed even, that we have received a lot of publicity. 
My Papa was in the car business and he had a Used Car Manager, Corky, who always said, ... it doesn't matter what they are saying, just as long as they are saying it!  Well, I care what people say and I don't always love the attention, but that is part of being successful - so I am just trying to see how successful this little business can be! 
I will be keeping track of all our publicity here.

April 2020: called and ordered a couple of my canvases for on-line classes.  I was so lucky to be able to get those painted pretty quickly, but they also asked if I could be interviewed for their blog.  This interview was a little easier since I responded to the questions online!  You can see that blog post here:  Madeleine Elizabeth on the Blog.  If you are interested in seeing the first kit (complete with canvas, threads and stitch guide) You can see it here:  Lavender & Bee Kit.

Stay tuned, there is another kit coming some time in the future!

June 2020: 

We received a call from Pointing it Out Podcast with Megan Holmes of The Needlepoint Clubhouse in St. Louis, MO  and Melissa MacLeod of The Wool and The Floss in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.  I was so lucky to be among the first designers interviewed!  Check out the podcast here: Pointing it out Podcast with Madeleine Elizabeth.

July/August 2020:

Needlepoint Now Magazine

I was interviewed by Needlepoint Now Magazine in February and was so excited they chose me to be featured in the magazine.  The article by June Russell-Chamberlin was fun to read. You can get a copy of the magazine here:  Needlepoint Now July/August 

August 2020:

Fiber Talk with Gary Parr

Imagine my surprise when Gary Parr with Fiber talk wanted me to do a podcast with him!  One of the ladies who used to frequent the needlepoint shop where I hung out recommended that he contact me and interview me. (Thanks, Angela!!)  He contacted my mom and she said it was ok to do the podcast.  So, I talked with Gary one afternoon and it was fun!  He prefers counted stitching but he liked my designs because he liked that there are areas to do decorative stitches without a ton of compensation.   It was nice "meeting" him and I was thankful to "Needle in a Haystack" for sponsoring that podcast.  If you would like to listen to our conversation click here :  Gary Parr, Fiber Talk with Madeleine Elizabeth.

September 2020:

Craft Industry Alliance Article

This group is interesting and supports all kinds of small businesses -- on line and brick and mortar.  They have classes and provide data to artisans and small business craft owners.  They highlighted me in September and I was extremely glad.  Their article doesn't focus just on needlepoint but more on my artistic journey -- so I hope you will read it and if you have a small business, you might want to consider joining!  The article is here:  High School Artist Madeleine Elizabeth Finds Success as a Needlepoint Designer.