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Get to Know Madeleine Elizabeth

A Young Entrepreneur

Madeleine started designing needlepoint when she was 14 years old.  She is now a Freshman at Florida State University studying studio art.   She started needlepointing at a very young age when she learned from a local shop owner in the store where her mother worked.  Madeleine excelled with her stitching and soon was creating her own 'stitch guides' picking her own threads, and helping ladies at the shop do the same!  Madeleine is a beautiful stitcher and decided to take this skill to the next level through painting needlepoint canvases.
She launched Madeleine Elizabeth (with the help of her parents) and was introduced to the Needlepoint World at the Orlando Spring Needlepoint Show in March of 2019.
Supported and encouraged by family and friends, Madeleine is now the Artist & Designer behind Madeleine Elizabeth!
Madeleine is a young lady, mature and wise beyond her years with a whimsical, bright and vibrant perspective on life.  This outlook and her artwork bring a fresh, new perspective to one of the world's most ancient crafts!

Meet Madeleine: Bio
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